Melting Moments Scented Wax New Zealand

Scented Soya Wax

Scented Soya Wax Melts or as we call them at Global Soap “Melting Moments” are a clever and easy-to-use alternative to burning oils. Simply pop one of our hand poured melting moments into the top of your oil burner and relax as a fragrance is gently diffused through your home.

Choose your favourite fragrance from our extensive collection. Whether you prefer a sweet fruity scent or wish to be transported to a warm topical island or a magical oriental destination the choice is yours. Or simply combine two different melting moments scents to create your own unique recipe - Coconut + Ocean Breeze = Tropical Island

Take the time to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of Global Soap’s Melting Moments. Suitable for use in a Tea light Burner or Electric burner or simply place in your cupboards & drawers for a fresh clean scent.

Each bag has 10 Melting Moments making it a lovely gift or affordable to use each day.

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