Charcoal Shaving Soap

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Our traditional shaving soap is hand made with beautiful oils to generate a rich lubricated lather. With the added value of Activated Bamboo Charcoal which does wonders to deeply cleanse and detoxify and especially good for blemish-prone skin types. It protects and softens for a close and comfortable shave, leaving your skin smooth and moisturized.
Scented with Pure essential oils of Teatree & Peppermint, the soap, when combined with hot water and a brush, will whip up a luxurious creamy lather. We add clay that helps the razor glide across your skin for a close, clean shave.

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Weight: 100g


Pure essential oil of Peppermint and Tea Tree
Clay: has moisture absorbing properties and adds extra slip so the razor easily glides across the skin for a closer shave.
Avocado Oil: it is easily absorbed into the skin and used to hydrate and re-generate skin.
Castor oil: creates a rich foamy lather. Soothing and lubricating great properties for a natural shaving soap

Activated Charcoal Bamboo: antibacterial properties that can regenerate your skin. It draws impurities and toxins out of the skin “helping to relieve acne and other skin problems”

Coconut Oil, Palm Oil (Sustainable), Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Caster Oil, Avocado Oil, Activated Bamboo Charcoal, Bentinite Clay, Pure essential Oils of Teatree and Peppermint.

Escape the ordinary
Enter our world of all natural products

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Weight 100 g

2 reviews for Charcoal Shaving Soap

  1. Floyd Hopkins

    This is one of the best shaving soaps I have used. Has a great lather and leaves your face feeling very fresh. Also a very good price

  2. Elaine Ang

    Excellent alternative to shaving cream! Much gentler on the skin and keeps the skin moisturised. Purchasing this again!

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