Detox Charcoal Soap

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Takes cleansing to a whole new level. Does wonders to deeply cleanse and detoxify. Drawing impurities and toxins from deep within your pores it gives an amazing deep clean while also naturally exfoliating. Activated Bamboo Charcoal is gentle yet effective, and works especially well to clean and care for all skin types, and especially good for blemish-prone skin types

Coconut Oil, Palm Oil (Sustainable), Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Activated Charcoal, Argan Oil, Essential Oils of Teatree and Peppermint.

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Weight: 100g


Activated Bamboo Charcoal has antibacterial properties that can regenerate your skin. It draws impurities and toxins out of the skin “helping to relieve acne and other skin problems”

Escape the ordinary
Enter our world of all natural products

21 reviews for Detox Charcoal Soap

  1. Giesela Winter

    Have found this soap has made a significant difference to my son’s skin.

  2. Laura

    Awesome soap, after department store products, this is now the only soap I use to cleanse my face.

  3. sarah campbell

    Amazing soap – use every day in the shower – leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturised. Love the fact that it is a bar of soap rather than in a plastic bottle. I won’t use anything else now

  4. Linda

    After using this soap for I would not go back to any other. It leaves the skin feeling really clean and suits both my partner and I even though I have dry skin and he has oily.

  5. Antoinette

    Really does leave your skin feeling super clean!

  6. Jenny Dawes

    Thank you so much for the sample of charcoal soap it is amazing the best cleansing/exfoliating product I have used I’m converted. It leaves my skiing feeling tingling fresh.

  7. Global Soap

    Sarah Johansen said – “This soap is amazing!!! I ordered it for the first time two weeks ago and have been using it twice daily since it arrived. My skin has gone from being super oily with daily breakouts to a being clear controlled and balanced with a noticeable downsize in pores on my t-zone. I have honestly tried every product available including high end salon grade products full of nasty chemicals and never had results as amazing or fast as this with my skin. The best bit is knowing it’s all natural and not doing my skin any harm. Please don’t ever change or discontinue this product it is simply wonderful!!”

  8. Global Soap

    One of our customers said – “My sister gave me a charcoal soap as a gift and since then I have purchased the soap myself. It makes my skin feel so smooth and I love its aroma. Thanks so much”

  9. Annie L Cambridge NZ

    I purchased this soap when I came across it in Takaka I’m sold my skin is better than it’s been in years (I’m 56) and now have changed to a natural ingredient moisturiser ! No more expensive brand products and I also use on body in shower glad I found the website ?

  10. Susan

    Awesome soap, suits me (52) and my 2 kids (22 and 18). All 3 of us have benefitted from using this as a cleanser, even the 18 year old boy has secretly admitted to his sister! My daughter said she notices the difference if she uses another product for a few days, as her skin breaks out then. Hugely recommend this! Doesn’t make my feel skin feel stripped of oils either> Brilliant!

  11. Rachael Cole

    We love this soap. Absolutely perfect for problem skin. An added bonus is the online shop customer service is fantastic.

  12. lauren.pollard09

    Absolutely love this soap. I’ll never use anything else on my face. So gentle but deep cleaning. Even removes Estee Lauder Double Wear with ease!!

  13. Emily

    This is a truly amazing product… I had been suffering from hormonal breakouts for the last couple of months after stopping a medication. Two days after I started using this, the number of spots I had had literally halved (I had counted them!) and I could see that my skin was no longer looking congested and volatile. Three weeks on now and I don’t have a single spot!!! My 35 y/o skin is by no means greasy – tending more towards dry, and it doesn’t feel stripped whatsoever (I was initially a little worried about this). My 15 year old daughter with the same hormonal spots has also been using it, and has had exactly the same results. Thank you so much for creating such an incredible product!

  14. Maria

    Brought this a few months ago and so far have been loving it. I have combination skin (more on the dry side) – this soap cleans the skin well but does not strip it, which is the main reason i never used to use soap on my face. I don’t wear a lot of make up but when i do the soap removes it well. The best thing is it’s simplified my skincare routine. Thanks Global Soap 🙂 ps. excellent customer service.

  15. Niely

    I bought the soap as a trial for my teen son whose face was full of pimples. Not only it works, but i have had to reorder twice as my other son (and i 😊) also likes it

  16. Jarrod

    Have been using this soap for a while. Have found that it does a great job at removing pores and tightening the skin.

  17. georgia.dillon

    This soap has fully cleared my skin up and is the best plastic free face soap I’ve ever used. Highly recommend!

  18. Sophie

    Best purchase I have ever brought for my skin. I’m in my thirties and still get pimples since purchasing this soap in March I barely get anymore pimples and my skin has never felt and look so good. Highly recommend!

  19. Trish

    Amazing soap! All the family loves it! Teens skin has cleared beautifully and my skin looks clear and bright. Helps my husbands flared sensitive skin. A great buy.

  20. Marceliene

    A definate YES to those that struggle with impurities. Doesn’t leave the skin dry, like most other face cleaning products.
    This soap was recommended to me in the shop in Nelson. They have small off cuts there to try out a new soap bar.
    This tiny piece already lasted for weeks!

  21. Flynn

    Finally got rid of plastic bottles in the bathroom and this soap is a great replacement for the face wash I’ve used for over 10 years! I was worried it wouldn’t keep pimples at bay (other facial bars I’ve tried weren’t great) but this one is awesome! Doesn’t make skin feel dry or tight either, just clean. Not heavily scented either so ok with first trimester morning sickness! Winner all round. Please keep making this!

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