Lily Lip Tint


This lip tint delivers the perfect pop of natural colour to your lips!

Glides on beautifully smooth. Made with skin softening oils of shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax and a hint of castor oil for a gorgeous shine.
One swipe is a perfect tint and hint of colour, but with multiple swipes the colour goes darker and richer making it exceptional for the special occasion.

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So easy to apply that you can do it without a mirror. Throw one in your handbag, keep one on your desk and even sneakily apply one whilst on the beach.

How to use it
Sheer, natural shades that go on so easily, you don’t even need a mirror. Go ahead, apply anytime, anywhere.

Beeswax:is natural compound made by bees, which helps retain moisture in the skin and is helpful for dry and chapped lips
Candillia wax: This unique vegetable wax helps provide gloss and “slip” to lip balms
Jojoba Oil: particularity good for lips easily absorbed a gorgeous lip conditioner
Shea Butter: a deep skin moisturizer which works beautiful on lips for a healthy radiant smile.

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Weight 15 g


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