Body Butter – Floral

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Rub on – Feel yourself float away to your fantasy…
Pure essential oils of: Ylang Ylang, Mandarin, Fragrant oils.

Escape the ordinary
Enter our world of all natural products

Weight: 65g


Coco Butter: is considered the ultimate moisturizer. its naturally rich in vitamin E - which helps soothe, hydrate and balance the skin.
It melts at body temperature and easily absorbs into skin. It retains moisture and protects sensitive skin against environmental conditions.

Escape the ordinary
Enter our world of all natural products

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Weight 65 g

4 reviews for Body Butter – Floral

  1. Lynda Mountfort

    I bought one to use last year during winter. Just loved the fragrance and the feel on my skin. However, the bar broke up about 3/4 of the way through, so I ended up having to use small pieces. Not a HUGE problem and maybe caused by the cold conditions. I simply warmed it in a dish over hot water before using it to avoid it breaking up even more.

    • Global Soap

      Thanks for your comments. Sorry to hear about the massage bar breaking up. This can be due to a temperature change when using cocoa butter but that was a great solution you came up with – will try it myself. Another alternative is you can use the small pieces in the bath like melting bath oil and is beautiful too.

  2. Fifi

    Wonderful moisturiser without being greasy. I find this bar is the only thing in the entire world that soothes my dry skin. I am completely addicted to the Seventh Heaven fragrance too. Just gorgeous!

  3. tarn

    I love the smell of this and the fact there is no plastic involved!

  4. Fiona Bell

    I love the smell soo much! My all time favourite.
    Thanks global soap

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