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Global Soap
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 14 reviews
 by Marilyn Blomfield
Product Review or General Review?: product
Product Review (Name of Product): charcoal soal

My sister gave me a charcoal soap as a gift and since then I have purchased the soap myself. It makes my skin feel so smooth and I love its aroma. Thanks so much.

 by Melinda

“I received my order the other day and thought I would put off opening until mother's Day but couldn't wait any longer. Thanks so much for such beautiful products- including the mother's Day soap. Very happy, thank you. I will be ordering again!”

 by Su
Product Review (Name of Product): Castile Soap

I love this soup and have been using it since a visit to Nelson last year. I have finally found a soap I can use on my dry sensitive skin. Previously I had to use sensitive body wash and hated the amount of plastic I was adding to the environment. Also being able to order online and get it delivered so quickly makes the whole process so easy - but I would love to come back someday and have a proper fossick through the other beautiful scented delights!

 by Cindy A
Product Review or General Review?: General

Just advising that I have received my order today. Not only was it an extremely quick delivery from when I first ordered, but I also received the lovely bonus of a beautiful handmade soap. Such a lovely thought and I cant wait to use it. Thank you so much.

 by Antoinette
Product Review or General Review?: Specialised Soap
Product Review (Name of Product): Almond Milk Soap

Tried this for the first time this weeks and it's just beautiful. My new fav!

 by Madeline
Product Review or General Review?: Product review
Product Review (Name of Product): Berry delight lip smoothie

I received this as a gift and what an amazing product.

Thank you keep up the good work.

 by Stephen & Shirley-anne
Product Review or General Review?: Product
Product Review (Name of Product): Stain Remover Soap

Having used cloth nappies for all of our seven children, and as we also enjoy living a rural lifestyle, a stain remover is a necessity in our house. Truly though, the Global Soap Stain Remover Bar is INCREDIBLE. It is effective on almost all stains (and even the stubborn ones come off eventually) and yet it is still gentle on the fabric. We would highly recommend this to any parent, or to anybody else for that matter. Thank you for helping us keep them clean and beautifully dressed...

 by Doris Lancaster
Product Review or General Review?: Product and General
Product Review (Name of Product): Lemongrass Rosemary Lime

I have been using the Lemongrass Rosemary and Lime soap for many years in the kitchen. It is great to remove smells like onion and garlic from hands when cooking. Normally buy several cakes at the craft show - when they weren't there this year I ordered online. I received my order today. I was very impressed with how quickly the order got here, the fact that one soap I ordered was upgraded to a large size because they were out of small and I received another cake as a gift - all with a lovely hand written note! Thanks Global Soaps for fantastic service and going the extra mile. ?

 by Lynda Mountfort
Product Review (Name of Product): Shampoo Bar

I found Global Soap on line earlier this year (2015), buying several items including the shampoo bar. I just LOVE this product, not only does it perform wonderfully and leave my hair clean and shiny, it lasts so long; so very economical. I also bought a body bar (yummy perfume) and soap nuts. Had fun using the soap nuts, as my antiquated washing machine will only fill with cold water, and I think the soap nuts perform better in warm water; so I plunge them into hot water for a minute before putting them in with my cold wash and I feel they work better that way. Thanks for being there with these great products.

 by Andrew
Product Review or General Review?: general

I first met Global Soaps at the Nelson Market with that fantastic shaving soap. I is not only economical but is by far the best shaving soap I have used in 55 years of shaving!

Nowadays, I always give a Global gift basket to my best friends at Christmas and their delight outshines the cost by miles. One day I might even treat myself as well as my friends!

 by Victoria
Product Review or General Review?: General/Product review
Product Review (Name of Product): Argan Oil

Global Soap is conveniently located near my place of residence, and at the Nelson Saturday market, which provides me with perfect opportunities to purchase products on a regular basis for myself and for gifts.But it's not just their location that appeals, their products are so perfect. They smell delicious, are presented so beautifully and are of such amazing consistent quality. I especially love their Argan Oil which I use on my face as a moisturizer every day and I marvel at how soft my skin feels. Global Soap always has a beautiful gift for almost any occasion. Perfect.

 by Kerri
Product Review or General Review?: General

I was introduced to Global Soap by a friend I used to work with in Australia, who hails from Nelson NZ. When I checked out the website I found a few things that I wanted to try, like the furniture polish and the butter baths. Initially I was impressed by the service (and the fact they posted to Australia!), and once I received my order, I just loved the fragrance and quality of all of it. I also have to say, that as I am now pregnant, the butter baths have been a godsend as my skin stretches - they stop me feeling dry and itchy as my belly expands! I have recently run out, and am about to order some more today 🙂 Also the fragrance of the furniture polish offers a pleasantness to the household chores.

 by Liv
Product Review or General Review?: General

I stumbled upon Global Soap in 2009, as a tourist to NZ. I bought about 8 soaps to take back home with me and spindled the out for a year. I was so impressed with the price, ingredients and quality. Imagine my delight when I married a Kiwi and we have our annual holiday in Nelson each year. I always come in to stock up on soap, especially baby soap for my two wee ones with their sensitive skin. I've tried the soy melts, fizz bombs and specialized soaps too. Looking forward to my husband trying the beer soap. Global Soap is one of my MUST VISIT places in Nelson.

 by Lynne
Product Review or General Review?: General
Product Review (Name of Product): Soap and Shampoo Bar

I have been buying Global Soap's soap and shampoo bars for many years now. I am extremely happy with the quality, beautiful aromas and service. The shampoo bars are excellent, I highly recommend them. Expect me to continue ordering for a long time to come.

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